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What is the Snowday Probability Calculator?

The Snowday Probability Calculator is a complex algorithm designed to calculate the chance of whether the user has school on a particular day.

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About Snowday Calculator

Snowday Probability Calculator was developed in 2019 by a sophomore attending Sharon High School in 2019, Maxwell Tan. It was made to give students a good idea whether school could be out or not on a particular day. The Snowday Calculator was made from Python and Flask, a library in python.

The entire project took a significant amount of time, and consists of thousands of lines of code. Not only the creator contributed, but others have contributed suggestions, and ideas to make the project even better. If you'd like to suggest an idea then you may in the contact section.

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About the Creator

The creator of the Snowday Probability Calculator, Maxwell Tan, is currently a 15 year old Sophomore attending Sharon High School. He has spent countless hours of time on projects, not only for himself, but to help others. In his time programming, he hopes to improve in his skills and expand his knowledge.

He his fluent in a few different programming languages, consisting of Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and spends most of his time learning and expanding his knowledge of python, and learning new libraries, like Flask, which was used to build the base of the Snowday Calculator.

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